Life is an Adventure
Live it!

Ambassador of the "Life Rocks" Motto

Bandana Man's motto is "Life Rocks". Whether he's raising awareness for a good cause or just out on an adventure living life to the fullest, Bandana Man goes through life with a positive attitude.

Bandana Man can walk with you on your next Step Out or heart walk, he can help you bring inspiration to those that are in need, or he can help someone cope in difficult times.

Life is an Adventure...Live It!

While Bandana Man loves to raise awareness about many causes, he likes to have fun, too. He's an adventurer. RV trips, camping, hiking and attending sporting events are just some of the things he enjoys doing. Take him along on your next adventure.

Introducing the printable version of Bandana Man. Download and print out this flat version of Bandana Man to begin your adventures now.

Make a movie or a photo journal and submit your photos to the web site for possible future use in the photo gallery. Visit the features page to submit your photos or email us your YouTube links.

Get out and live the adventure!

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