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Michaels Entertainment Group Inc. Policies

Submissions Policy

Submission Policy for photos, drawings, reviews and the like: If you have photos of your adventures with the plush toy Bandana Man, you can submit those photos to us for possible use on the web site and in other materials. You may also submit drawings and reviews as well. All submissions become the property of Michaels Entertainment Group Inc. and related entities for use on the web site or in promotional materials. By submitting your photo you assert that you are the copyright holder of the item(s) and that all parties in the photo consent to its public use.

Please be sure to include all of your contact information (full name, mailing address, email address, phone number), names of all participants in the photo (does not need to include those in the background), when and where the photo was taken, and who is to receive photo credit.

Photo/submissions release statement: All submissions to Michaels Entertainment Group Inc. and it’s related companies (B*M*B Poor Boy Records, Last Child Productions,, and others) become the property of MEGI. Submission of photos, drawings, stories and the like constitutes permission to use said items in MEGI related press including but not limited to: Newsletters, web site, video, promotional materials and print publications.

NOTICE: We CANNOT accept any unsolicited material for film, television, or music work.  Any such transmissions will be immediately discarded.

Privacy Policy

Michaels Entertainment Group Incorporated and affiliated companies, Bret Michaels Entertainment, B*M*B/Poor Boy Records, and Last Child PRoductions, have a strict privacy policy in regards to customer information and correspondence. Please review this document for information on what information we request and how we use that information.

Personal information is collected for street team sign-ups and other login areas. This information is used internally as described in each section it is gathered.

Customers purchasing merchandise from or are required to provide a first and last name and a valid shipping address. We also ask for a phone number or email address, which is used only if there is a problem with their order. For online credit card purchases, an e-mail address is required. (Without an e-mail address you will not get a receipt.) No information is sold or given to any other organization under any circumstances.

Correspondence between the staff of the MEGI and its customers is kept confidential. We will not handle problems with orders in any public forum. Our correspondence with customers should be treated as confidential and may not be posted on any public forum. Due to the lack of security the Internet often has, dealing publicly with order-related issues is considered not secure by the staff of MEGI.

The information provided via e-mail and on online forms via is treated with the same confidentiality and care that non-electronic information is given. Your e-mail address, your address, etc is not posted, sold or given to any other organization.

Copyright Statement

© Bret Michaels, Michaels Entertainment Group Inc. All Rights Reserved. No portion of this site may be used in any form without expressed written consent. All content not owned by AdventuresOfBandanaMan.TV is copyright its respective owner and is used with permission.

NOTICE: is owned and operated by Michaels Entertainment Group Inc. and related companies. Bret Michaels himself does not answer e-mail or instant messages. Official outlets for sending him correspondence are the web sites and official social media pages. Please direct any questions about the validity of correspondence with Bret Michaels through the contact page of the web site.

Information, logos/images, multimedia content and photographs contained on this site are protected by copyrights and may not be used without express written permission of the copyright holder. All content is © Michaels Entertainment Group, Inc., unless specified otherwise.

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